A One-Stop Modern Calligraphy program suite that...

⌛️ Saves you time

✍🏼 Educates you AND

😁 Inspires you

...A small investment for BIG results!

How would you like to create calligraphy like this?

When it comes to learning Modern Calligraphy...

Do you know where to start or how to start?

Are you confused about choosing the right tools that are also affordable?

You can’t seem to make time because of your busy schedule?

And sometimes, you just don't believe you can do it?

Here's how I can help you solve those...

...At Kimmunity, we apply the 5 principles:

1. The Tools

2. The Guides

3. The Zen Zone

4. The Schedule

5. The Practice

And when you’re able to implement what we teach, you should be able to:

• 5x your confidence

• 3x your skills in 14 days or less

• Start getting paying clients in 30 days or less

This of course depends on the level of skills and commitment you have to begin with but for many of my students, that’s what they’re able to achieve.


A Simple & Mindful Process...

👉🏼 No experience or lettering skills needed

👉🏼 Get great results at your own time and pace

👉🏼 Go from clueless to confident in a matter of days

The Kimmunity membership includes:

Lifetime Access To The Video Course with Over 30 Lessons!

(valued at $299)

'All The Basics' Kit!

(valued at $95)


✅ Practice papers

✅ Progress portfolio

✅ Reusable bamboo paper towels

✅ 1 x Moblique Penholder (by Luis Creations)

✅ 2 x Nibs (Nikko-G & Blanzy 2552)

✅ 1 x Sumi ink jar

✅ 1 x Breathe mantra water jar

✅ Kimlligraphy organic teabags

✅ 1 box of hand-rolled incense (NEW ADDITION!)

✅ 'Silk & Soleil' mini handmade soap pillar (NEW ADDITION!)

✅ Personalised storage box

✅ Free postage*

*Free postage within Australia only. If you require international postage, please email us at [email protected]


Fortnightly Live Q&A Group Masterclasses!

(valued at $499)


Bonus 1: The Kimmunity App

(valued at $27)

This is the entire video course inside an app to give you instant and convenient access to the training modules!

*Only for iOS devices currently (iPhone and iPad). The Android version is planned for release.

Bonus 2: Mindful Calligraphy Digital Handbooks

(valued at $75)

Lifetime Access To The Private Kimmunity Facebook Support Group!

(valued at $399)

Here is a sneak preview of how we support and celebrate our students' progress and achievements online:



Discover How She Has Helped Hundreds Of Busy Women

Find Their Creative Flow, Be More Mindful and Start Businesses!

Kim Tran-Flores

Kim Tran-Flores, founder of Kimlligraphy is a tea drinking, Modern Calligraphy artist and 'me-time' advocating ambivert with a passion in mindfulness.

Kim also founded Kimmunity, a members program that gives aspiring calligraphers a one-stop learning and coaching platform to take their Modern Calligraphy skills further than they ever imagined.

In 2021, Kim’s work is featured in Typism book 7 that showcases some of the best lettering artists from around the world. Kimlligraphy is also a finalist in the 2021 Local Business Awards for Fairfield City in 2 categories (Most Outstanding Education Services and Business Person Of The Year).

Kim has worked with national and global brands like Tiffany & Co. and Westfield. She’s appeared on radio and is a sought-after speaker on the topics of women equality and mindfulness practice.

She is also renowned for her in-person Mindful Modern Calligraphy workshops for its world-class training combined with the ‘Zen Zone’ and a luxury experience that makes it truly unique.

Kim’s mission is to help busy women reduce stress, receive the gift of the present moment and boost their creativity through Mindful Modern Calligraphy.



Kimmunity is a special offer and the price will be going up soon.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to receive the right support and tools – and see your calligraphy skills (and even income) grow!

Still not convinced?

Watch the free webinar to see exactly how Kimmunity works!

Would It Be Worth It?

If All This Did Was...

...teach you the exact steps to get started and improve, giving you the confidence to create your own designs, wow your friends and even profit from having better skills instead of relying on your time and your own willpower that leads you to almost giving up...

...if you said 'yes' then this is the opportunity we’re giving you...


Earn Money For Every Friend You Refer!


Q. When will I receive my 'All The Basics' kit?

A. We will package and post your kit within 2 business days of receiving your order. So normally, you should receive it in less than 5 days within Australia.

Q. Do you ship the kit overseas?

A. Yes we do (unless we face restrictions like Covid). Recently we expanded to deliver our 'All The Basics' kit to the UK, USA and New Zealand.

If you're in a different country, send us an email at h[email protected] and we'll see if we can deliver there. We can determine any additional international shipping costs.

Q. Can you break down the package prices?

A. You can choose from two packages: Our 1-month membership for only $135AUD, or our most popular 3-month membership for $95AUD/month which also includes 1 x 60min 1:1 virtual coaching with Kim!

Q. What value will I receive from the 1:1 coaching with Kim?

A. This is for the keen student who wants to truly fast track their success to refine their own style and profit faster with their calligraphy to start getting clients! Available on the 3-month package.

Q. Can I purchase the kit only or the course only?

A. Kimmunity is a one-stop program suite specifically for calligraphy enthusiasts who want to go from clueless to confident, from beginner, to intermediate and even pro.

This means EVERYTHING in our program is designed to assist you to achieving a transformation. Therefore, we only offer the 2 membership packages mentioned above.

Only existing Kimmunity members will be able to purchase individualised items.


Giving Back

By joining Kimmunity, you’re also helping the rescue and care for child victims of human trafficking especially disadvantaged young women.

Through our chosen charity, Blue Dragon, 100% of our monthly donations will also help them build self-esteem, self-confidence and realise their potential while creating long-term change for a better world.

120+ students and growing!!!

Let’s Develop Your Skills In

Modern Calligraphy, Inspire Your Creativity & Inject More Mindfulness Into Your Life!

We're going to do this together...

You follow the guidelines I send you, and track your progress...

SIMPLE RIGHT?! Let's Do This!

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